Solar Inverter Replacement

Is your solar inverter faulty?  Eco7 will replace the unit with a state-of-the-art inverter complete with free monitoring and a fresh 10 year warranty.  Our basic pricing for single-phase (domestic) solar inverter replacement (up to 4kW) starts at £630 (inc. VAT) for 1kW inverters and is capped at £783 (inc. VAT) for 3.6kW dual MPPT models (excluding optional add-ons, upgrades to premium brands and surcharges for installs more than 120 miles from our head office). Beware of companies charging inflated prices for a solar inverter replacement.  This is a straightforward process that will take one of our qualified engineers no more than one hour to complete.

Best Price Guarantee – We promise to beat any like-for-like quote for solar inverter replacement, please call for more information.

We Are Different

Eco7 are not your typical solar PV and energy storage company. We do not employ sales agents, we do not cold call customers and do not have doorstep canvassers. Instead, we use the power of the internet to advertise our services, and all the enquiries we generate are passive. That is to say, people only find us when they are looking for something and not because we have canvassed them with direct marketing.

By keeping our operation trim, and by not employing sales agents, we can keep control of both pricing and protect our reputation by ensuring we offer the very best levels of service and after-sales care. It is why we have a 100% positive feedback rating, and why we are ranked #1 on TrustPilot in the Solar PV category.

7 Reasons To Swap Your Inverter With Eco7...


We only install the latest models from the leading inverter manufacturers.


Honest and open pricing with no hidden extras.


Standard 10 year warranty on most products.


Subscription free monitoring available on all inverters.


Our installers are all fully qualified electrical engineers.


We’ll replace your inverter in under one hour.


Service contracts available for extra peace of mind.

We've Been Busy

Eco7 have completed hundreds of installations across England and Wales and have a 100% satisfaction rating.  Based in Scotland?  We can still provide services in central and southern Scotland via one of our trusted installation partners (please call for more information).

Solar Inverter Replacement Instant Quote

Solar inverter replacement: Is your solar inverter faulty? By completing this form you will receive an instant FULLY INSTALLED quotation.  All prices include VAT.  This quote is for guidance purposes only and additional details may be required before Eco7 issue a detailed proposal.  If you would like to proceed or require any further information, please complete the form at the end of the quotation wizard and we will get in touch.



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Premium Brands

At Eco7 we only source the market leading products from respected inverter manufacturers.   All of the inverters we install (with the exception of Fronius models) are supplied with a 10 year warranty and subscription free monitoring.

Eco7 recommend the X1 Air & Boost range from SolaX Power; one of the foremost inverter manufacturers in the world, renowned for producing high-end products at unbeatable prices.

We also offer inverters from other leading manufacturers such as SMA, Solis, ABB, Growatt and Fronius.

Fronius Primo
Fronius Primo

Solar Inverter Replacement FAQs

The first thing to check (if possible) is if there are any errors displayed on the inverter screen.  These error codes can often determine the nature of the fault.  If there are no errors, or if the error is suggestive of an AC fault, please check to see if the solar PV MCB (fuse) has tripped. This will be located either in your main consumer unit, or in a separate sub-board installed when the system was first commissioned.

These are basic checks.  Beyond that, we would suggest that you get in touch.  We can often determine if the inverter is at fault by asking a few basic questions and gathering information over the phone.  We may also talk you through a system reset.  Where it is not possible to establish the exact nature of the fault/issue, we can arrange an on-site system check (see question below).

We do not typically carry out site surveys for inverter replacements.  The information we require can be gathered remotely and it is usually possible to determine if the inverter is faulty by asking a few basic questions.  This enables us to minimise costs and speed up lead times.  Where we cannot be sure, we can arrange for an engineer to carry out a quick on-site check.  Please call for more information.

We recommend SolaX inverters, all of which are supplied with a 10 year warranty as standard.  This is a manufacturer’s warranty; therefore if your inverter were to develop a fault within this 10 year period, you would be sent a replacement by SolaX Power.  Eco7, as your service partner, would be your first point of contact in this instance and we would handle the warranty claim on your behalf.  We would then install the replacement free of charge (for the first 3 years) under your service agreement.  Beyond 3 years, you would still receive the replacement inverter under warranty; but you may need to pay a call out fee for installation to ourselves or to a local qualified electrician.

Typically, we work to a maximum one week lead time for installation.  This may vary during busy periods.  Where possible, we will try to install within 3-4 working days.

The installation will usually take no longer than one hour to complete, but this may vary depending on ease of access and other factors.  We suggest you allow up to two hours for the installation.

No, we can install any inverter brand (subject to suitability) on request.  We recommend SolaX owing to the long warranty, excellent aftersales support and competitive pricing.  All quotations provided will be based on SolaX products initially, but a bespoke quotation can be provided for alternate brands if required.

We do not require deposit payments and the full amount is payable on the day once the installation is complete.

Payment options include credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque and Paypal.