Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Is solar panel cleaning required?

It is widely believed that solar panels installed in the UK will ‘self-clean’ owing to the amount of rainfall we receive.  This is true to an extent, and the panels you have installed may be ‘hydrophobic’, with a coating that will prevent water droplets sticking to the surface.

However, even allowing for heavy rainfall, panels can still suffer from a build-up of contaminants such as dust, tree sap, lichen, and bird droppings.

Dirty panels can potentially reduce panel efficiency and output, and this can apply if just a single panel is affected as the performance of a string of panels will only be as good as that of the lowest performing panel.  Keeping your panels clean can increase yield and protect your investment.

How often should the panels be cleaned?

There is no set time-frame, and this can depend on the panel location and various environmental factors.  In some cases, a clean may not be required at all.  For most, a clean every 2-3 years will be sufficient; however, in some cases, where panels are overshadowed by tress or where there is an issue with nesting birds, you may want to consider a clean every 12-18 months.

Panel Cleaning From Eco7

Contact Eco7 today and we can arrange for your panels to be cleaned by an experienced and professional team.  No scaffolding is required, and we only use approved cleaning solutions, specialist equipment and will not use untreated water.  Our process is safe and efficient, using processes approved by manufacturers.  We’ll leave your panels sparkling, ensuring that you continue to get the most from your investment.

We offer panel cleaning services across most of England and Wales, however we may not be able to service properties in more remote areas.  The lead-time for our cleaning service is typically 3-4 working days, although this may be slightly longer during busy periods.  Depending on the number of panels and ease of access, the process should take between 1-2 hours.

We've Been Busy

Eco7 have completed hundreds of installations across large parts of England and Wales and have a 100% satisfaction rating. We are currently unable to provide services for customers based in the far north of England and Scotland.

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Our industry experts are on call to answer any questions you might have.


Honest and open pricing with no hidden extras.


Our team has more than 30 years combined experience.


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Our installers are all fully qualified and accredited.


Maximum 3-4 day lead time on most services.


Most services available across England & Wales.

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