Solar Panel Pigeon & Pest Protection

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

Do you have birds nesting under or close to your solar panel installation?

This is a common issue that can be problematic in a number of ways. Nesting birds can deposit their droppings and dirt/debris on the surface of the panels, reducing overall panel output and system yield. They can also interfere with system cabling, as well as cause blockages in guttering and the roof’s drainage system as materials from the nest, feathers and food debris can build up over time.

If you are experiencing this issue, you might want to consider installing a wire mesh system around the perimeter of the solar panels to prevent access to pigeons and other nesting birds, protecting the installation and ensuring that your system yield is unaffected.

Eco7 recommend a wire mesh system as a form of protection. The mesh is installed around the perimeter of the panel installation and prevents access beneath the panels, offering protection for your roof, cabling and solar panels. The system can either be fixed to the panels using retaining bolts (with no impact on product warranty) for very robust protection, or by using special clips that are entirely non-intrusive and which do not require the use of drilling equipment or glue. The mesh is also easily removed should future maintenance be required and has minimal aesthetic impact.

Fixed & Open Pricing

At Eco7 we endeavour to provide open and honest pricing wherever possible.  While there may be, in exceptional circumstances, some deviation from the prices published online, we complete the vast majority of installations at the price quoted during the online quote process.

Our bird protection pricing is fully inclusive, and because we use a specialist team of roofers, we can complete the vast majority of installations without the need for scaffolding, minimising costs, lead-time and inconvenience.

We've Been Busy

Eco7 have completed hundreds of installations across large parts of England and Wales and have a 100% satisfaction rating.  We are currently unable to provide services for customers based in the far north of England and Scotland, however please call and we may be able to recommend a trusted partner in your area.

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